Mr. Thunder 2016 Crowned

Jared Cantu (16), Tanner Hudson (16) and Tommy Sisk (16) pose for a picture after the Mr. Thunder winner is announced.

Jared Cantu (’16), Tanner Hudson (’16) and Tommy Sisk (’16) pose for a picture after the Mr. Thunder winner is announced.

Gracie Thies, reporter

      The Mr. Thunder competition was a success with the exchange of laughs throughout the entire auditorium. Each of the contestants showcased their dance moves and talents to prove to the judges that each and every one of them deserve to be the 2016 Mr. Thunder.

      The night started off with the group dance which had everyone dying of laughter. The guys showed off their bootylicious moves to set the mood for the rest of the night. Next up were the minute to the win it games. Some of the games included each of the contestants to get five ping pong balls out of a Kleenex box that is around their waste. Another game was attempting to use a straw to transport M&M’s into a cup several feet away.

     Finally came the talent portion of the competition where the contestants created something that would display their talent most accurately. Jimmy Stillion (’16), Tanner Hudson (’16), and Jared Cantu (’16) chose to do the dance to Jingle Bell Rock from the movie Mean Girls and put their own spin on the dance by adding different songs and dance moves. Tommy Sisk (’16) wowed the crowd with his incredible performance, singing Skinny Love. Cedric Ignacio and Jacob Hofstetter sang and rapped a duet to Bromance.

     After intermission it was time for the most dreaded part of the competition, fishbowl questions. There were many interesting answers that may or may not be worth repeating.

     The waiting was finally over and it came time to announce the 2016 Mr. Thunder, along with second runner up and Mr. Nice Guy.

      Sisk (’16) was granted the title of Mr. Nice guy and Tanner Hudson was second runner up. And the winner of the 2016 Mr. Thunder is Jared Cantu.

     “I was very shocked when I heard my name called,” said Cantu.

     Overall, everyone enjoyed the competition and it’s a great school event to get BNorth students out to support the senior guys or have a laugh.

     “The dance was so much fun, I would do it again in a heartbeat. All of us guys had a great time and it was really fun working with all of them,” said Cantu.